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HARRISON Engineering started making motorcycle brake components in the mid 80's. Harrisons interest in improved braking systems caused by the, (as it seemed), inadequate brakes on almost all large, fast and heavy bikes. At that time it seemed as if brakes were being treated as an afterthought, "let's use the same equipment throughout the range, it's only brakes, brakes don't sell bikes".

The original intention was to manufacture Calipers alongside race car component and general engineering business. The BIG-6s came first, truly big brakes for big bikes. Due to demand and success in producing a extremely effective product, within two years Harrisons had ceased all other activities and were solely manufacturing brakes. using only state of the art (computer controlled) machines. We now make a wide range of calipers of which we are proud, both in their quality and reliability.


Harrison Billet (formerly Harrison Engineering) is a family run firm whose history and tradition lies in precision engineering and racing which will ensure Harrison Billet calipers and discs remain world leaders for quality and exclusivity. We pride ourselves that we offer a personal service to all our customers in order to meet their needs. We will continue to offer attractive and effective, value for money brakes, and the best after sales service available anywhere.

If you want advice or help, please just phone, fax or email us, and we will do our utmost to assist.

Harrison Billet Calipers are made from solid 6082-T6 aluminium, providing a lighter, stronger and slimmer caliper than is possible by any other means. They are designed to replace existing brakes, and with the exception of some Honda and Triumph models, there is no advantage in changing the master cylinder. They are available polished, Clear Anodised or Black Anodised. Polished Calipers and Rotor centres obviously require more thorough and frequent cleaning than their Anodised equivalents. All our Front Calipers are direct fitting, requiring no brackets, they are designed specifically to fit your particular production bike and as with all our products are guaranteed for one year from the date of purchase against faulty materials or workmanship, subject to normal use.

Brake pads are available from EBC, Ferodo, Galfer, Lockheed, SBS, Vasrah etc. All pistons are hard Anodised aluminium.

Our calipers win TT's, and Custom Bike awards, not bad for the same product!

Our Disc Rotors all have aluminium centres/carriers, with an option of Polished, Clear Anodised or Black Anodised finish.

The outer rings are Ductile Cast Stainless to give a permanently rust-free finish.

Our manufacturing plant is not only ISO 9001 compliant but is fully TUV certified and we have had our products TUV certificated.

Harrison Billet Calipers come fitted with pads to our specification.

Detailed caliper fitting instructions are also supplied.


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