The new 'SLIM' series, and the Original BILLET style calipers are both available as direct fit calipers for EVO, TWIN CAM & V ROD on front end stock 11.5" discs, or our factory replacement 13" upgrade discs, plus rear end stock or upgrade discs.

Some images below...

New 'Slim' 6 piston calipers for WP upside down forks (for Harley). Pictured here on our SP16 11.5" discs.

These calipers feature integral fender mounts.

New 'Slim' 6 piston calipers for SJP frontends (for Harley). Available for 11.5" and 13" discs.

New 'Slim' 6 piston calipers for V-Rod, and TwinCam models
New 'Slim' 4 Piston rear calipers for Harley.
TwinCam Softail - Slim 041 and 065B for 10" disc

New 'Slim' 2 Piston Calipers for Formula SAE Racecars, Racing Quads, and custom / show / race applications. Available in left, right and universal fitments.


Slim 004 (Sidefeed / Topbleed)
31 mm pistons
Slim 012 (Topfeed / Topbleed)
27 mm pistons
Slim 010 (Topfeed / Topbleed)
31 mm pistons
Slim 005 (Sidefeed / Topbleed)
31 mm pistons