Part numbers for calipers and discs have three digits, e.g. 292, 096 etc. Brackets (for rear only) had three digits, plus the letter 'B'.

For several reasons we are improving our product numbering system, by adding four more digits.

(1) We have expanded the product range.

(2) With seven digit part numbers we can specify which colour or finish is on the part.

(3) We have a more comprehensive, database driven stock and accounts system, for which we need more specific product and kit numbers.

The principle we've followed is simple:FOR CALIPERS ONLY

The seven digit number begins: '12' (for all brake system components), then either '1' for 'Harrison Billet Original' facias or '2' for our Harrison 'Script' facia. Then comes the original 3-digit number, and finally in the the last digit is a colour designation. ('P' for Polished, 'A' for Clear Anodised, or 'B' for Black Anodised)


121209P is a 'BILLET Original' facia Mini-6 for 2000> Harley front, in a Polished finish.

222202B is a Harrison Script facia Mini-6 for Kawasaki ZX7R, in a Black Anodised finish.


Because the brackets (for rear only) already had a letter 'B' (for Bracket) added to the 3-digit part number, there is only a '12' added to the beginning of the existing 4-digit bracket part numbers. Like the calipers, there is a colour designation added as the last digit. ('P' for Polished, 'A' for Clear Anodised, or 'B' for Black Anodised)


12080BP is a Polished rear bracket for 2000> Softails.

12097BC is a Clear Anodised rear bracket for >2000 Dyna.


The disc range has been significantly expanded. Prior to 2000 models there were three disc types. This was doubled when the 2000 models came out with a different centre hole. We have a 13-spoke disc (matching the 13-spoke cast wheels on Dynas and Sportsters, but also good on solid or wire wheels) and a 5-spoke disc (matching the wheel spoke profile of AMS, and Rick's 'BOB' design) in all of the previous six sizes and fitments, which are also LEFT or RIGHT side-specific. In 2001 we introduced 10” discs in both the 'Harrison Billet Original' and the other new designs. More disc designs in 10”, 11.5” and 13” are available now.

The prefix numbers for all Harrison discs are currently:

'121------' BILLET Original design FRONT (not LEFT or RIGHT sided)

'122------' BILLET Original design REAR (not LEFT or RIGHT sided)

'123------' All other Harrison disc designs FRONT LEFT

'124------' All other Harrison disc designs FRONT RIGHT

'125------' All other Harrison disc designs REAR LEFT

'126------' All other Harrison disc designs REAR RIGHT


121330P is a 13” 'BILLET Original' >2000 Harley disc, with polished center.

125115C is an 11.5” '2k1' thirteen spoke 2000> Harley disc with clear anodised center.